Hate Unbound To Play National Rock Review Showcase

Hate Unbound are an no-frills metal band that fuses the dark essence of Detroit grit, tenacity and determination in to a ball of molten metal.
The ferocity and passion behind their music is relentless, unforgiving punch in the face from start to finish. Having come in to existence only a couple of years ago in 2013 they quickly set the bar for what metal should be in a live act. The hooks in their tunes are so heavy that they create their own gravitational field sucking you in to orbit around a flaming meteor smashing all in its path. A three-song self-titled EP released in late 2014 was merely a blip in their nonstop touring schedule, such is the demand for them to appear live across the state and beyond. Look for their new release to come sometime in the next few months when they wrap up recording and leave a smoldering pile of rubble where the studio once stood.

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